July Goals


  • Brain- I’ve scaled back my goals for studying Japanese. Once again, I don’t take this as defeat, but as a sign that when the goals are too big (even if achievable), my motivation tends to wane. If I start with small successes, it should give me the momentum to naturally progress to larger successes. As for reading, I’m currently working on two large books: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, and George R.R Martin’s A Game of Thrones.
  • Body- I’ve been struggling to even work out just once a week, let alone three times which was last month’s goal, so I’m going to set Wednesday as the day to absolutely get my body moving! I’m also restarting the 30-day challenges that I mentioned in my post on my Week 4 Goals to complete at the beginning of August. I’m also getting way more serious about cutting out sugar from my life after pigging out during last week’s vacation. ><
  • Heart- So last month’s goal was to finish Zelda: Twilight Princess…what did I do instead? Start Skyward Sword lol…so this month I’ll continue to play it, and may or may not complete it. I also really want to start refraining from complaining at work, because I believe it breeds negativity within myself and among my co-workers.
  • Proactive- Time to go through my clothes and purge everything I don’t need! It’s also time to start getting prepared for the fall semester by purchasing my textbooks and parking permit. Yay~

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Week 5 Goals

Hey everyone! Sorry for the week-long silence. I took a family vacation and brought my laptop along expecting to keep blogging, but it turned out that I didn’t have any internet access. >< No biggie though, it meant I got to truly enjoy some family relaxation time in the Outer Banks of North Carolina! ^^ Now I’m refreshed and ready to face some goals again!

As it is, I think I’ll just repeat my week 4 goals, because with preparation for the vacation, I didn’t do so well on them. ^^;

If you need a refresher on what those goals are, head over to my Week 4 Goals post.

Here’s a picture of a stunning sunset that I got to enjoy during last week’s vacation:

My view for a week at the Outer Banks

My view for a week at the Outer Banks

Week 4 Goals


  • Body Boosts– I like a challenge, so the best way to get motivated about these Body Boosts is to turn it into a challenge (apparently trying to form a goal isn’t a “challenge” enough for me T_T ). So, I’ve found a number of 30-day challenges on Pinterest and picked 4 to give a try:
  • H2O– My main struggle when it comes to drinking more water is not having a nice cold bottle of it ready to go when I need it. So, rather on focus on “drink more water”, I’m focusing first on developing the habit of preparing the water ahead of time so that “drink more water” comes as a natural course.
  • Get up before 9– Sleeping in super late isn’t too much of a problem for me, but I like to laze around in bed for sometimes over an hour, checking up on all my social media and messaging my boyfriend. I’ll be able to start my day off on a better foot if I get up earlier and start with my Body Boosts
  • Translation– I mentioned in my review of last week’s goals that I was afraid to make this goal for fear of being discouraged from continuing something that I started for fun. But I think I’ll go ahead with it since it’s something I’m already enjoying.
  • Do a workout on Wednesday– Although ideally I really want to be working out 3 times a week at the minimum, I have yet to do it even ONCE in the past couple of weeks, so I’m specifically setting a goal to work out on Wednesday morning.
  • Start the day with a dance– After my AM Body Boost, I want to finish it up with a good jam and a bit of booty shake to get me even more awake and feeling positive at the beginning of my day.^^