Curryramenland: Part 1 Hashimotoya

Sanjo curry ramen

Visit to see a list of the restaurants in Sanjo that serve curry ramen.

Sanjo City in Niigata Prefecture is considered the home of curry ramen, and has been serving the fabulous dish that combines two of Japan’s best comfort foods for over seventy years. Already a huge fan of Japanese curry, I was excited to learn I was living so close to the source of such a genius concoction. By now, I’ve tried several curry ramens from a number of restaurants in Sanjo, each one tasty in their own unique fashion. So this Curryramenland series of blogs will feature reviews of restaurants that present their own take on the nationally famous soul food of Sanjo. If you reside anywhere nearby, or get the opportunity to visit, don’t miss a chance to try curry ramen at least once.

Today’s post features Hashimotoya (はしもとや) Continue reading


A Year in Japan

It’s been over a year since my last post. All my dreams and goals of regularly writing about my experiences here in Japan were unfortunately placed on the back burner as I got swept up in the busyness of getting settled into my new life and my new job, until they were eventually all but forgotten completely.Kyoto
But something within me has stirred once again; I have been reminded of how my initial inspiration to move to Japan in the first place had come from blogs, and how grateful I was to those who shared their lives and fed my curiosity about this country in the East. And so, I’m giving it another go. Continue reading

Snow Country// Moving to Japan!!


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In just over a month’s time, I’ll be embarking on my next grand adventure: moving to Japan! Through the JET Program I obtained a teaching position in Niigata, also known as Snow Country, and I’m extremely excited about the experiences and challenges ahead.
The journey up until this moment, however, has been a tough one. Continue reading