For Christmas, my mom subscribed me to three months of Skoshbox, a monthly service that sends a selection Japanese snacks and candies to try. Four months of living in Japan for a semester studying abroad was enough to leave an impression on me of the interesting and often strange variety of snacks and sweets that the country had to offer. I still crave “Happy Butter” potato chips to this day, although don’t miss the unpleasant experience that was the stew-flavored ice pop. But I am certainly eager to get some exposure to snacks I’d never had the opportunity of trying.

January’s box arrived!

The Contentsumaibou

  • Umaibou-Yakitori flavored: This was the only item in the box I’ve had before. A recommendation from the boyfriend during the time I was in Japan, Umaibou is the ultimate cheap snack that comes in a variety of flavors including cheese, curry, octopus, even nattou (which as a professed nattou-hater, it wasn’t so bad). This particular one is yakitori, or grilled chicken flavored. Imagine a giant crunchy cheese puff, and you have Umaibou. I definitely would recommend it.kokorasuku
  • Korokoro Sugar Rusk: This one was a pleasant surprise. They’re basically slightly sweet croutons, with an addicting crunch. Apparently there are different flavors including chocolate, strawberry milk, and basil, which I’ll definitely be seeking out next time I find myself in Japan. Might be a new favorite!


  • Puccho Hoppe-chan Gummies: Gummy-type candies are usually a hit or miss for me, but these were certainly a hit. I don’t generally tend to like cherry-flavored things (too much the like nasty nasty cough syrup of my childhood *shudder*), but this one nailed it pretty well. I don’t like it when gummy-candy is too soft, I prefer a bit of resistance, and this candy was perfect. I was also impressed by the packaging, which was resealable to help discourage scarfing them all down in one sitting.


  • Sakusaku Panda Zed: This one reminded me of another favorite snack from my Japan days- Alfort chocolate biscuits. Another thing that Japan does well is the salty/sweet combo. These panda ccreepy_pandaookies had a thick delicious layer of dark chocolate atop a slightly salty chocolate biscuit-cookie. Only two complaints: there weren’t enough in the box, and the biscuit-cookie which was in the shape of a panda face was actually slightly terrifying, which I suppose aided in not feeling guilty about eating something so cute.


  • Gaburichuu Cola Stick: Probably the strangest item included in this month’s box, I was a bit hesitant about this cola-flavored gummy stick. But you know, it ended up actually being really good too. Think: soda pop tootsie roll.


  • Aobe Midoribe Soda Gum: Actually it’s funny, I just noticed now that this gum gamuwas also soda-flavored. I smelt it again and it certainly has that soda smell, but the flavor was actually more fruity. But the true special feature of this gum is the tongue-dyeing properties. I chewed the blue one, and my tongue turned a proper shade of blue. I have yet to try the green one, but I’m sure I can expect a similar result. Ultimately the most underwhelming item in the box, and I was simply disappointed at its failure to produce good bubblegum bubbles.

I was extremely satisfied with this month’s box, and look forward to what is to come in the next two months!


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