July Goals


  • Brain- I’ve scaled back my goals for studying Japanese. Once again, I don’t take this as defeat, but as a sign that when the goals are too big (even if achievable), my motivation tends to wane. If I start with small successes, it should give me the momentum to naturally progress to larger successes. As for reading, I’m currently working on two large books: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, and George R.R Martin’s A Game of Thrones.
  • Body- I’ve been struggling to even work out just once a week, let alone three times which was last month’s goal, so I’m going to set Wednesday as the day to absolutely get my body moving! I’m also restarting the 30-day challenges that I mentioned in my post on my Week 4 Goals to complete at the beginning of August. I’m also getting way more serious about cutting out sugar from my life after pigging out during last week’s vacation. ><
  • Heart- So last month’s goal was to finish Zelda: Twilight Princess…what did I do instead? Start Skyward Sword lol…so this month I’ll continue to play it, and may or may not complete it. I also really want to start refraining from complaining at work, because I believe it breeds negativity within myself and among my co-workers.
  • Proactive- Time to go through my clothes and purge everything I don’t need! It’s also time to start getting prepared for the fall semester by purchasing my textbooks and parking permit. Yay~


5 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. I may actually make a goals list to. You are certainly inspiring me to do so 🙂 Writing things down makes them more likely to get done after all. Good luck with Skyward Sword. Heard it’s not easy! がんばろう!

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