Week 3 Goals- Review

If you’d like to see more about my summer goals, please start here! I’ve been working to develop habits that will encourage lifelong health and happiness~IMG_9835

  • Body Boosts– Failed at this one. Really got into the mindset that it’s not about “I’m too tired to do it”, it’s about “I’m tired, so I should do it.” Starting the day with a rush of endorphins is better than rushing to get caffeine in my system ><
  • Yume wo Kanaeru Zou Posts– Completed! If you’re interested in some life lessons from a great J-drama, see my first posts here!
  • Dictation– Not even a single minute…sigh.
  • Translation– Nope, not this one either.
  • H2O– I ended up adding a second cup of coffee to my usual limit of one each day, which replaced the water I intended to be drinking. Somehow, the minute I make a goal, I almost do everything in my power to do the opposite. What the heck?
  • Schedule a perfect day– I started thinking about this one, but didn’t officially sit down to focus on it. I’ll have to do a blog post about it I think.
  • Positive Attitude– This one was tough. I went into work with a fever and definitely not feeling in top condition, but my co-workers were so happy to see me come in that my mood ended up being alright, and a cookie that my manager bought for me made it a bit sweeter^^

It seems I’m still struggling a lot. Even setting a goal for myself doesn’t really work so well to motivate me to do something that I view as a chore (mainly dictation and translation). But what’s odd is, I sometimes start working on the goal in a round-about way, for example, I can’t feel any enthusiasm to translate the Tofugu sentences that are part of my goal, but I’m perfectly willing to pick up the book my boyfriend gave me and start translating that. In just a couple of days I’ve made my way easily through half already. But I’m afraid that by changing my goal to focusing on translating the book, that it will turn me off from it.

But I’m not feeling discouraged yet- It’s part of the process to learn from my failures.


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