Week 3 Goals

IMG_9835“Body Boosts” are a quick workout involving pushups, an ab routine, and stretches to get my body warmed up and awake to start my day, and relaxed before I go to sleep. I’ve been struggling to fit any kind of more intense workout into my day, so I’ll start with something smaller.

A few other goals are similar to before, but adjusted to be a bit more achievable. Well, I think my goals have been achievable all along, but I haven’t been able to muster the motivation to actualize them. As I said in the review for last week’s goals, I might be able to be more encouraged by being able to complete smaller goals that have the potential to grow.

“Schedule a perfect day” means to plan my ideal day in terms of productivity, hour by hour. Once I do this, I’ll take a look at the roadblocks that prevent me from having that kind of day, and see what adjustments I can make to get as close to it as I can.

I’ve been having a hard time staying positive at work. The moods of my co-workers definitely play a big role in affecting my own mood, so I will have to actively be aware of when that is happening and work to counteract it. I also have a tendency to feel like I ought to teach customers how they can improve their behavior toward service workers, but honestly, I should know by now that their behavior is more or less already ingrained (to the point they probably aren’t aware of when they’re being jerks), and they’ll more than likely interpret my behavior as purely bad service. Frustrating, but true. Which is why the best I can do is provide good service no matter what.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at my other posts about my summer goals, starting here!


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