Week 2 : Goals Review

If you haven’t already seen my posts about my summer goals, please start here!


Last week wasn’t a complete bust, but I certainly am learning more about what makes me struggle to complete my goals, and in what ways I can improve my chances of success.

  • Tobira- Similar to last week, I looked over the chapter, saw that the workbook exercises were already done, and didn’t revisit it again. I’m really wanting to be a bit more thorough with my studying.
  • Dictation- I wasn’t able to get my hands on a Japanese version of Sorcerer’s Stone, but I was able to get Half-Blood Prince, so I started dictation on that- only about five minutes or so, but it is certainly easier than Nodame Cantabile.
  • Translation- I only did a handful of sentences. I’m not sure why I struggle to enjoy this one.
  • Finish “Better Than Before” -I didn’t technically complete this goal within the time frame that I wanted, but since writing this post I did finish the book, which has been another source of inspiration as I continue to work to establish habits to make my life more productive and fulfilling.
  • Oil change- Not only did I make the appointment, but I had the oil change. Yay! Unfortunately, my brakes were completely worn down and desperately needed changing as well. Something I really learned from this is that being proactive about those tasks that are bothersome, but in the long run may save a lot of time and money, can also reduce a lot of stress. I no longer fear that my car might shut down any moment due to my failure to keep up with the upkeep (lol).
  • Wear three outfits you haven’t worn in the past year- Completed! I’m definitely feeling that I’m not wowed by any of the clothes I have right now. I think I need to dig more under the layer of clothes that I wear most often to get to the forgotten gems hidden underneath.
  • Drink 42 oz of water per day- Well, I didn’t achieve this goal on a single day. Usually, I’d have a cup of coffee in the morning that I nurse until lunchtime, when I remember I should fill my water bottle and put it in the fridge to chill, which I’d drink in the second half of the day. I think if I try to fill it at night before I go to sleep, I can pull it out in the morning and start drinking earlier in the day.

Some goals were fairly easy to complete, while others failed to stir any enthusiasm. Although some might say it might be a sign of failure if I keep making my goals smaller, I think it would be more encouraging to complete small goals that have the potential to grow, than get discouraged about hardly attempting large goals. Even a small amount of accomplishment is better than none at all.


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