Week 1: Goals Review


  • One chapter of Tobira- more or less completed. Read through the chapter, completed exercises from kanji workbook, exercises from grammar workbook already completed in class, but I did a brief review.
  • Tofugu sentences- Translated: 30. Less than satisfactory. T_T
  • Dictation- Attempted, and quickly gave up. Didn’t try again. *sigh*
  • Reading- Number of books started: 2   Number of books completed: 0
  • Exercise: Number of time exercised: zilch
  • Number of times lost patience at work: Several

Other monthly goals (see June Goals):

  • Remove junk- Ate a number of cookies and other junk foods. Didn’t help that national donut day was on Friday…
  • Play and relax- Rather than continuing Zelda:Twilight Princess which I have yet to complete, I decided to start Zelda: Skyward Sword which I’m actually quite enjoying.


This week ended up being quite a failure. Unfortunately, upsetting news on Sunday night affected my motivation to start everything off strong on Monday, which ultimately led to me all but giving up on the goals for the week. This is certainly a bad tendency of mine to keep in mind: I shouldn’t let one failure early on be an excuse to give it all up until the next time a good starting point rolls around. In this case, I decided since I hadn’t started out well on Monday, to give things up for the week until I could start over the next Monday.

That’s bad…now is the time to start, not later. It doesn’t need to be a Monday, or a new year, or anything like that. Improvement can start at any time in any situation.

One good thing I can say about the week is that my mood was pretty good. Although I did get annoyed at work several times, one of my coworkers mentioned that I seemed particularly happy lately. So it seems I succeeded somewhat in one area. ^^

I may have to make a revision to the dictation goal. The Japanese in Nodame Catabile is a bit too difficult for me to pick up. It also seems like everyone is excitedly yelling and speaking way too quickly, which definitely doesn’t make matters any easier for me. I may have to pick something else. The Boyfriend is suggesting Harry Potter, and as much as I love Harry Potter, I’m not sure that’s really what I want to do..but that may be my best option. The language should be easier for me to understand at least.

I’ll put up a post of this week’s goals later today, so keep an eye out!

Thank you for reading~


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