Girly Stuff

I’m not really the type of girl to wear much makeup, and I’ve been wearing the same clothes since high school (and some even from middle school ><), but once in a while I do get interested in experimenting with the more girly offerings in life. I’m currently in such a stage which led to me subscribing to Ipsy, the monthly Glam Bag that lets you try out different makeup samples. I thought this would be great way to try a bunch of stuff without risking spending money on full-size products that I potentially don’t like or never really use.

I started one beauty experiment yesterday, which is to spend time thoroughly brushing my hair 2-3 times everyday. I thought it should be pretty easy (and free!) to do while I watch Youtube videos or Japanese dramas. Since I usually only spend about 20 seconds a day just generally brushing out the tangles, I wondered how much of a difference spending more like 15 minutes in all throughout the day on brushing my hair would make. Supposedly, it’s a great way to spread the oils from your scalp down through your hair, which acts to make it healthier, smoother, and even cleaner. I’ll keep it up and see what happens!

Also, I’m thinking of going through my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing the same three or four outfits since summer started and I’ve been mostly at home (where no one sees me, except family who’ve already witnessed my worst), but I can use this opportunity to experiment with the clothes that I already have and see what new outfits I can make, as well as purge all the pieces I know I definitely won’t wear. At that point, I can look to invest in a wardrobe that better suits a college senior, and not a middle-school geek^^;

I’d like to embrace my girly side. I’m definitely a newbie with fashion and makeup, and this isn’t about to become a top fashion blog anytime soon, but I’m definitely thinking of starting a series that chronicles my experiments and reviews.


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