Future Goals

As I reach the final stages of my senior year in university, I become filled with the anticipation of being free from the drudgery of classes, homework and projects, and yet also with the nervousness of having to find my own path, my own career, my way in the world.

So, I’ll spend some time during this summer on my two Future Goals: “Job search” and “Get proactive”.

Job Search

Something about job searching fills me with dread and apprehension. Even though I should be excited by the prospect of starting something new, particularly within a field that interest me, I can’t muster much enthusiasm for the hard work that comes from applications and the fearful possibility that I won’t be accepted.

In high school, I had the opportunity to get into a middle college high school, where I’d be more challenged in a serious academic environment, and start earning college credits to jumpstart my future success. I was sure I’d make it in. I had planned my future based on my acceptance.

I didn’t make it, and I was crushed. Up until that point I had felt invincible academically, but in my failure to be accepted to that school I received a severe reality check. My confidence was damaged, and when I began to apply for colleges I become fearful of my rejection. And now, once again, it is time to plan my future and apply for jobs, and I’m tempted to let my fear cripple me. Even the mere thought of putting myself and my fate into the hands of recruiters sets me into a panic and a sense of being overwhelmed by the weighty responsibility of having to find my path.

But I can’t let such feelings hold me back. I have dreams, and I have desires. From before I started college, I knew I wanted to be able to live and work in Japan, and now that I have a long-distance boyfriend there, my desire to establish my life there is even stronger.

As of now, I have no idea of what my career ought to be. I’m an international business major, but in my four years at university I haven’t developed much enthusiastic love for the subject, although I may someday like to start my own coffee shop, or maybe this blogging will take me somewhere, and a background in business could help me in both areas. But, my first step is to get to Japan, and a nearly sure-fire way to get into the country is to start as an English teacher, so that will be my starting point. I already have developed an inclination for teaching by helping the international students who come to my university to study English, so I believe I could easily enjoy life as an English teacher in Japan. There are two main programs that I intend to try for:

  • Apply for JET Programme
  • Apply for Interac

I won’t limit myself to these two options though, and intend to do some further research as well as some soul-searching to see where my passions may guide me. There is always the possibility I’ll find something else. I have other decisions to make as well in terms of whether I’ll be alright with the possibility of not being placed near my boyfriend in Tokyo..

Get Proactive

This goal is probably the most vague of all my goals for the summer. What it really means is that I want to foster an attitude of taking my health, my mood, my fate into my own hands by getting rid of my procrastination tendencies and seeking out those undesirable tasks that if done now may prevent future trouble. In other words, these are the maintenance chores that tend to be overlooked due to lack of thought, or really just pure laziness:

  • Get an oil change for my car
  • Give my car a thorough cleaning (Hasn’t been washed or vacuumed in the two years I’ve had it. Yikes!)
  • Go to the dentist (been about three years since my last cleaning ^^;)
  • Visit the doctor for a checkup
  • Purge my wardrobe of the stuff I never wear, and donate it
  • Get serious about this blog

There may be other goals that I develop weekly and monthly. Also, this goal is one that can crossover to other goals, for example in Body Goals, I would consider developing a habit of drinking more water each day to be a proactive action to improve my health. “Get proactive” to me ultimately means to develop the daily habits that can help make my life a little easier in the long run.

If you’re interested in learning about my other Summer Goals, please see my posts Brain Goals, Body Goals, and Heart Goals. And if you’d like to see how I progress on these goals, please stay tuned! I’ll be developing weekly and monthly goals and providing updates on how I’m doing. Thank you for reading!


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