Heart Goals

Although a number of my goals for this summer are geared towards more productive use of my time, I don’t want to forget to have some fun as well. Not only that, but I want to reflect on my attitude and remove the sources of negativity that I harbor within myself. Thus, my two Heart Goals are “Play and Relax!” and “Act with positivity and compassion”.

Play and Relax!

I’ve been spending some time thinking of the things that I used to do as a kid before I was drawn into the world of the internet and social media. For the most part, my free time was spent either reading, playing outside, or playing on my Gameboy. Using these ideas, I’ve developed the desire to return to my old ways of diversion. I’ve already addressed my desire to get back into reading in my post about Brain Goals, but one thing I’ve been itching to do is play some of the games I’ve had around but haven’t had time to complete:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

It might seem a bit weird that I have to make goals to play, and maybe some people would have an issue with the idea of “planned relaxation”, but what I want to do is explore ways of play and relaxation that are still constructive in some way. Playing games is a great stress reliever for me. I feel a sense of power, control, and accomplishment when I play games. With such feelings, I can turn and apply them to other goals with equal enthusiasm.

Act with positivity and compassion

Another great lesson I took from Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is the idea that we have the ability to choose how we feel and react to things. I can let every bothersome customer I have to deal with at work ruin my day and cause me to snap at the next customer that more than likely doesn’t deserve such treatment, or I can continue on with a smile and vow not to spread the same sort of negativity to others that I just had passed onto me.

Furthermore, I want to live each moment with compassion. “Compassion” is certainly a concept I had come across before, but it seems that the term has come up everywhere I look in the past year or so. I have come to believe that nurturing compassion in your own actions is a way to improve life and happiness. I certainly can’t control the events or people that I face each day, but I can control my reactions to it all. By allowing my perception to be colored by compassion, I become more aware of the struggles of other human beings, as well as the potential reasoning behind their actions.

So, the best places for me to practice positivity and compassion is certainly at work where I’m prone to become a grouch, as well as at home particularly toward my younger siblings. If I can make a positive and compassionate attitude a regular practice, I believe I will be a happier, more satisfied person overall. I value the happiness of people closest to me, and I certainly wouldn’t want to think of myself as someone who has the capability to bring down others, so in this way, I can encourage the happiness of others by being more positive and happy myself.

I’m doubtful I can perfectly execute this goal, and I imagine the more I practice it, the more I’ll learn from my failures and successes. So if you would like to see more about my progress, please stay tuned!


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