Body Goals

The intention of my Body Goals- “Exercise routine” and “Remove junk”- is to create a foundation of general healthiness that will make accomplishing my other goals easier. The benefits of exercise and eating right go beyond simply weight-loss and fitness, but ventures into the health of the mind and soul as well. I believe that by starting my day with exercise, I’ll give my body that rush of endorphins that will provide energy to feed my productivity and creativity throughout the day. I’m not looking to lose weight, so I won’t mention benefits in terms of how many pounds I’ve lost or gained, instead I’ll be looking at the other ways these goals impact my daily life in terms of how I generally feel. Much like my Brain Goals, these goals are meant to lead toward lifetime habits, and won’t simply end once the summer season comes to a close.

Exercise Routine

  • Monday-Treadmill (35 mins)
  • Tuesday- P90X Kenpo
  • Wednesday- Treadmill (35 mins)
  • Thursday- P90X Cardio X
  • Friday- Random
  • Saturday Rest
  • Sunday- P90X Stretch

For Fridays, this day is open for me to do whatever I feel like doing. It could be doing one of the other P90X routines, or going out to jog around the park, even playing a Wii dance game. The only rule is that doing nothing is not an option.

Also, everyday, morning and evening, I’ll do a series of pushups, squats and lunges, an ab workout routine, and stretches.

Once again, my overall goal is to get my body into its best condition so as to reap the benefits of increased energy, stress relief, and overall boost to confidence and mood.

Remove Junk

I’ve never been one to limit what I eat. So far, in my youth I’ve been blessed with a decent metabolism so most people would never guess at my love for food- all food. Of course I have a particular weakness for all things chocolate. Once again, I’m not looking to go on a “diet” for the sake of weight-loss, but rather to be aware of how what I ingest into my body today will affect my health and well-being down the road.

Live today for the sake of the future, I say.

When it comes to treating myself, I’m usually pretty good at coming up with excuses for why I should indulge. Usually, the excuses run the gamut from my being overly stressed, to a reward for some small thing. Lately however, all I have to think is “You deserve it” without any particular reasoning and I’m indulging without hesitation almost every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for occasional indulgence, but it begins to lose its pleasure when every day I’m eating whatever I like whenever I like.

So, I’m looking to remove the junk from my life. Chips, ice cream, cake, cookies, pretty much all the empty-calorie processed foods that provide little to no benefit to my well-being. You might say that total abstinence is too harsh, but I know myself, and I know that I feel far less pressure when I’m abstaining from something altogether than when I’m trying to moderate.

Several years ago, I gave up sugary treats for a month. I was quite successful, especially when I found that a good substitute was peanut butter. I love peanut butter, and eat only the pure stuff -just peanuts and a bit of salt- and found that instead of going for a bowl of ice cream or a handful of chips, and replacing it with a spoonful of peanut butter for my nighttime treat, I was just as satisfied.

By pursuing these goals, I’m really hoping to establish the habits for a better overall lifestyle that will serve to improve all areas of my body, mind, and heart.

If you’d like to hear more about my progress on these goals, stay tuned! I’m hoping to keep up weekly updates for how I’m doing.


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