Summer Goals

The upcoming fall semester will be my last in university, which means this summer vacation may be the last sizable chunk of free time that I get for, well, possibly my whole life. I want to utilize it best that I can by starting to develop the habits that ideally will carry on into the rest of my adulthood. Through these goals, I want to develop the mindfulness, the routines, the motivation, and the habits that will encourage future productivity, happiness, and success. The results are not all guaranteed of course, but my overall intention is to grow and expand. From Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits for Highly Effective People”, I learned of the idea of our Circle of Influence, or those things in our lives over which we have the ability to control. My levels of productivity, happiness, and success are to a major degree under my own influence, therefore it’s time I proactively start shaping them how I want.


I have four themes: Brain, Body, Heart, Future. Each theme has two general goals, and each month I’ll have specific goals to achieve them, as well as weekly goals leading up to the monthly goals.

  • Brain-
    • 1~Study Japanese
    • 2~Read every day
  • Body-
    • 1~Workout routine
    • 2~Remove junk
  • Heart-
    • 1~Play and relax!
    • 2~Act with positivity and compassion
  • Future-
    • 1~Job search
    • 2~Get proactive

See upcoming posts for more details on these goals, as well as my monthly and weekly goals.

“Nobody, however mighty, can do as he likes with the world…but any man is able to do as he likes with his own mind.” Natsume Soseki I am a Cat


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