The Mission

The subtext to this blog’s title says “On a mission to say what I leave unsaid”.

I’m an introvert, and one characteristic often used to describe introverts is that although they tend to be quiet on the outside, there’s a lot going on inside. Ultimately, I believe that that can be said of just about anyone. We all must have our secrets and opinions that, either wisely or unwisely, we choose to keep hidden within our minds. For an introvert who seeks a broader audience who might take in interest in their inner musings , something like a blog is a wonderful outlet for those thoughts that are fighting to be expressed.

A blog can be very exposing, however. I may choose to reveal opinions of mine that have the potential to offend. I may be called a coward for hiding behind anonymity. I may give and receive criticisms. But I want to maintain a courteous, open, positive atmosphere.

The internet is a place where people can voice opinions all at once in a cacophony of noise that many people choose to shut their ears against. With the rise of the popularity of blogs and social news sites, it is very difficult to separate opinion from fact. “News” is no longer a report of facts received first-hand, but simply a rehashing of details taken from other articles that may or may not be a rehashing of details taken from other articles which may or may not be a rehashing of… get the point.

What I am trying to say is, this blog is all OPINION. I am young. I don’t know everything. I rely a lot on observation. So I will never pretend to be a reporter of facts. I am simply a reporter of what I happen to observe and feel. In other words, I’m going to add my quiet voice to the cacophony for my own pleasure. It’s useless trying to be heard above the other screaming voices, but that is not my intention. I’m simply expressing myself, saying what I leave unsaid, even if my voice gets lost in the wind.


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