The Mission File

I started this blog quite spontaneously. The vague mission I held in my mind was one of being able to express all the things I feel I leave unsaid that perhaps need to be released. This includes my trifling worries for the future, ravings after negative experiences in my service-industry job, and musings on the more philosophical aspects of life.

If there is to be an overarching theme, it’s one of “bittersweet”. It’s a concept that I believe covers many aspects in life. Often bitterness cannot be avoided, but it can carry the function of enhancing the sweeter encounters as well as our appreciation of them.

So as I taste the bittersweetness of my life, I want to ensure that I’m ever mindful of who I am and who I want to be. Each category of this blog focuses on different areas of interest:

Snow Country- Japan– The exciting adventure of living and teaching English in Niigata City, Japan!! Start here!

Japanese– I’ve been studying Japanese for about four years now, and still have a long way to go. まだまだだね. If you’re interested in starting to learn Japanese, already learning Japanese, or simply want to see the kind of journey it takes to learn another language, I have a series of reviews, as well as some posts that reflect on aspects of Japanese culture. Head on over to the Japanese section!

Personal Tales– This category covers the miscellaneous posts which range from the philosophical to the silly. Want to learn a little more about what goes on inside my head, start here!

Archives– Some old posts that are somewhat time sensitive and not so relevant anymore. They include reviews of the Ipsy Glam bags I received for a time, as well as my goals for a productive summer in 2015.

You might think it’s not ideal to have so many different topics on one blog, but I’m seeking to expand my interests and knowledge in many different areas, so I don’t want to restrict myself to one theme. Links to the categories are found at the top of this page. I hope you can find something to enjoy on my blog! Happy reading, and thank you! =)


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